Wildlife Refuge

A Habitat Like No Other

Why paddle with strangers? Blue Planet specializes in private excursions into the Great White Heron National Wildlife Refuge. Our guides have been exploring these haunts for more than 15 years. This tour is for more adventurous and experienced paddlers looking for unmatched scenery.

The pristine, crystal-clear waters of the backcountry offer you an escape to a quiet world of uninhabited mangrove islands and aquamarine passages. With its truly stunning landscape and feeling of remoteness, this tour will take you to the best spots for photography, snorkeling or tidal walks. (If you wish to snorkel, please provide your own gear.)

Barracuda, stingrays and small bonnethead, lemon and nurse sharks are seen frequently. Heron and egret species, ibis, osprey, plovers, and snipes soar above or pry the flats for a meal. It is not unusual to see dolphins and sea turtles. You may glide over gardens of large, vibrantly-colored sponges harboring lobster and sea anemones.

Many of the locales are only accessible by kayak, and hours can pass without the sound of a motorboat or airplane. In fact, jet skis are not allowed in the refuge! Some areas require light winds and cannot be paddled at low tide. Please make reservations at least two weeks prior to your desired tour date.

Stay out a couple hours or most of the day … it’s all up to you! Pricing is dependent on the duration of the tour and distance paddled. You can bring your own kayak on this tour, or we can provide one for you. We are located approximately 20 miles from Key West.

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